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After many years of operating a trucking business Kevin Aliengena, owner of ANA Trucking, Inc. recognized that the blanket wrap industry sorely lacked personalized, professional logistics management services. The industryKevin Aliengena, Owner of ANA Trucking, Inc. needed a greater level of service than what was being offered by the large van lines. Kevin knew he could provide that level of service. He restructured his transportation business and created ANA Trucking, Inc. and specialized in blanket wrap services.

ANA Trucking, Inc. holds its company to a higher standard of service than most transportation companies. It continually strives to not only meet customer expectations, but to exceed them. ANA Trucking, Inc.'s commitment to providing a higher level of professional, personalized service insures that your freight arrives safely, on time and in the condition it was shipped. Our 24/7 operating center is staffed by dedicated, seasoned professionals who take pride in providing you with the best solutions for all your transportation needs. Contact Us Today!

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